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Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror: the start of a smart, complex, and imaginative cyberpunk alternate history saga
In a skewed mirror universe, a mentally ill young man searches for his grandfather's killer.

Someone killed Granfa Jefferson. Victor is sure of it. But hes the only one.

Diagnosed with mirror resonance syndrome and shunned by Semiautonomous California society, Victor suffers from blank outs and vivid nightmares. He violently overreacts to even minor confrontations. Without his grandfather, a man who devoted his life to researching Broken Mirrors, Victor must walk a narrow path between sanity and reclassificationa fate that all but guarantees incarceration.

Determined to uncover the truth about his grandfathers death, and increasingly suspicious of the medicine that manages his symptoms, Victor tries to sort his allies from his enemies as a conspiracy with global impact emerges. Can Victor put the pieces together without losing his mind and his freedom in the process?

In the world of Broken Mirror, self-driving cars, a global firearms ban, and a cure for cancer may sound utopic, but history has taken a few wrong turns. The American Union is weak, Europe is a superpower, and Asia is reeling from war. Broken Mirrors like Victor will soon find themselves at a crossroads: evolve or go extinct. Welcome to Book One in the Resonant Earth saga.

About the author

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Cody Sisco is the author of speculative fiction that straddles the divide between plausible and extraordinary. Tortured Echoes is his second novel and continues the cyberpunk alternate history series that began in Broken Mirror, which focuses on Victor Eastmore’s journeys on Resonant Earth and beyond. An avid reader of Frank Herbert, Haruki Murakami, and Kim Stanley Robinson, Sisco strives to create worlds that sit in the “uncanny valley”—discomfortingly odd yet familiar, where morality is not clear-cut, technology bestows blessings and curses, and outsiders struggle to find their niche. He is a co-organizer of the Northeast Los Angeles Writers critique group and the founder of the Made in L.A. indie author co-op. Read Cody Sisco's blog.