Register of Resonant Earth Discrepancies

1869—Ratification of the Amendment on the Incorporation of States

Sets out tougher requirements for states to incorporate and join the United States of America, new provisions for the administration of territories on the North American continent.

1873—Ratification of the Women’s Suffrage Amendment and the Civil Rights Amendment

Destruction of Southern white privilege through universal suffrage, government reform, and land reassignment

1902—Admission of the 39th U.S. state

The Florida peninsula and the island of Cuba join together and incorporate to become the only new state following the Amendment of 1869, which triggers the Gulf of the Americas diplomatic crisis

1914-1919—The Great Imperial War

Germany occupies and annexes France, Belgium, and the Netherlands; the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria, and Italy) goes to war with Britain and Russia while the United States and Japan remain neutral.

1919—The Edinburgh Declaration

Brings peace to the European continent; the Triple Alliance combines government to form Europe; Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland are annexed.

1925-1945—The Buddhist Schism

The Japanese and Chinese empires go to war and carve up the Asian continent and surrounding maritime territories, tens of millions die.

1934-35—The War of the Atlantic

The United States, Russia, and the Nordic League ally against expansionist Europe

1935—The Reykjavík Declaration

Peace treaty signed requiring the United States, Russia, and the Nordic League to pay reparations to Europe

1939—The Grand Bargain

Ratification of the Repartition Amendment, the United States of America is renamed the American Union of States.

1950—European Small Arms Control Treaty

Europe-wide ban on combustion-projectile weapons

1961—Universal Small Arms Treaty

Global ban on manufacture, transport, and sale, and use of combustion-projectile weapons (except American Union and handful of Asian nations)

1962—Venezuelan Invasion of Florida

Miami is destroyed, mainland invasion repulsed by cooperation between AU and European militias, campaign to retake the island of Cuba is successful

1965—Moon Landing by European Space Agency

Marks official start of the Pax Europa

1969—The Firearms Act

Amerian Union-wide controls  on small armaments enacted.